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WSR Voice/Business, l;30pm-5:30pm, PDT 

Non-holiday weekdays ONLY:....(619) 578-9247 

Hertzian Intercept BBS, 5 :30pm- 1:30pm, PDT 

Weekdays & 24-hrs weekends:. ..(619) 578-9247 
BUS Setup: 1200-28, 800-bps, 8N1, ANSI or TTY. 

Index & Table of Contents to WSR always available for 
tree download from BBS or S5 for MS-DOS floppy disk 
or $5 for a printed hard copy. 


A Journal of VHF-UHF Radio Technology & Engineering 

Published by COMMtronks Engineering at PO Box 262478? San Diego, C A 92196 
Publlsher/Kditor: W.D. Cheek, Sr. a.lca. "Dr. Rigormorhs” 

Copyright © 1991-94 <A11 Right* Hcser*ed> ISSN 1061-9240 

New Reader Information 10 / 4 / 94 -3:53 pm 


Welcome to the "WORLD SCANNER 
REPORT", a potent journal on the 
technology & engineering of VHF-UHF 
scanners. There's nothing like it as you 
will find out. We're dedicated to the 
utmost in scanning & monitoring of the 
airwaves with a prime focus on the 
hardware and technology of the equipment. 
Other periodicals are great for listing 
frequencies; telling "how to push buttons" 
and "what to listen for" kinds of things. 
The "WSR" is into clipping and snipping 
wires, resistors, diodes, and things like 
that. We build our own circuits and stick 
them in our beloved scanners to create new 
or improved functions that either the mfgr's 
forgot or didn't want us to have. Time was 
when 1 thought several mods would be the 
end and there would be nothing else to do. 
Boy, was I ever WRONG! 

Seeds sprouted in 1982 as I fooled around 
in my PRO-2002 and found a place in the 
circuit where I could monitor with a 
voltmeter for an S-meter function! Then I 
found a diode to clip or add (I forget 
which) that released the blocked 
government band 380-410 MHz. The list 
of my initial hacking adventures goes on, 
but nothing much came of it for the next 
four years. My Life was filled with other 
priorities. Scanner hacking took a back 
seat until the PRO-2004 plowed onto the 
scene in late '86 to seize the scanner 
community by storm! Never for $400 had 
so much performance and power been put 
into a scanner! 

The PRO-2004 made all other scanners 
obsolete overnight! I placed a standing 
order for one upon first hearing word that it 
was coming. The great eyecatcher was 
Radio Shack’s 1987 catalog headliner, 
"Continuous coverage, 760-1300 MHz". 
That was in August. 1986, but the PRO- 
2004 failed to appear on schedule. Then I 
heard over the grapevine that Tandy had 
halted sales of the PRO-2004 until the 

cellular phone bands had been blocked out 
in the units. Then, around September, my 
PRO-2004 arrived, packed with a green 
slip which stated that a production change 
had deleted 825-845 MHz and 870-890 
MHz. Ho ho, now! This meant that a 
retrofit procedure must have been used to 
block the cellular bands and it might well 
be undone! Within the hour, clipping a 
teeny weeny diode had done it! (D-5 13) 
Then, I found other diodes to clip and/or 
add which gave other slick functions. Like 
100 more channels; 25% speed up; etc. 
Then I refined & wrote a detailed 
procedure for the casual hobbyist to add 
6,000 programmable channels to the PRO- 
2004. 1 proposed a magazine article for this 
mod, but the Publisher suggested a book; 
what is now Vol-1 of the SCANNER 
is legend. 

The PRO-2005 and later the PRO-2006 
entered the scene ( and now the PRO-2035) 
but these are only enhanced clones of the 
PRO-2004 so my work goes on. Thanks to 
wide acclaim and acceptance of my first 
book, I was motivated to develop more 
mods and info for Vol-2 of the SCANNER 

Meanwhile, I received thousands of letters 
from people who cried out for MORE. As I 
completed Vol-2, I felt that books weren't 
always the best way to convey technical 
information. It takes months to write, edit, 
print and distribute a book. Some mods in 
Vol-1 were out dated or obsolete before the 
first book rolled off the press. There had to 
be a better way. The “ WORLD SCANNER 
REPORT' was bom on January 1, 1991. 

Newsletters are adept at disseminating 
timely information and updating that info 
practically over night. The way technology 
advances so rapidly makes the "WORLD 
SCANNER REPORT" a much better 
medium for staying in touch with your 
hobby radio needs and requirements. You 
get the latest scanner hacking news and 
info, sometimes within days or weeks of its 
development. So there it is for the history 
and background of "WORLD SCANNER 

REPORT". Now, let's dig into some 
policy, admin and procedural stuff so that 
valuable space isn't taken up in the monthly 
issues. Save this sheet for reference. 


published monthly ten times per year, with 
the months of May-June and Nov-Dcc 
generally getting a single issue in that 
period. Our month off (twice a year) helps 
ensure that you get the best technical 
scanner scoop available! It's not vacation 
because complicated projects require 
intense concentration and focus. I use May 
and November to work on hairy projects. 

The "WSR" is mailed on or around the first 
of a month for the month of issue. If you 
haven't received yours by the 20th, then an 
inquiry is welcome. We will replace any 
issue that is lost or damaged in the mails. 
Please return damaged copies so that we 
can complain to the PO. 

It is preferred that all subscriptions begin 
in Jan or July and end in May or Not - of 
each year. This minimizes admin costs and 
helps us prepare an accurate budget for 
coming issues. If this method is a problem 
for you, just let us know; we're not hard to 
get along with. Otherwise, you'll receive 
back issues to the most recent semi-annual 
cutoff point when you subscribe. 


You will want the "WSR" back issues, each 
of which has detailed technical data & info 
that will not be repeated. The "WORLD 
SCANNER REPORT" will not go out of 
date like typical newspaper and magazine 
articles. A collection of the "WSR" will 
eventually resemble a Vol-3 of my 
Its value will not degrade with time; 
therefore gel the back issues if your budget 
affords so you can stay current with the 
emerging science and art of Scanner 
Hacking. I will stock the back issues for as 
long as there is demand. A current Index 
and Table of Contents arc always available, 
free for download from our BBS or $5 on 
floppy disk or printout. 


Check your mailing label for correct 
spelling of your name and address. Note 
the upper right comer of the label where 
your expiration date is printed. That 
month is the LAST ISSUE you will receive 
unless you renew your subscription on or 
before that time. If you're late in renewing, 
no problem; we'll make sure you get any 
missed issues after you renew. Also sec 
your subscription number in the upper left 
corner. Please mention that number if you 
write to us. This is the computer age, and 
computers handle numbers. To us, you are 
a person, a hobbyist and our valued client. 
Our computer secs you as a number, but 
WE treat you as an individual. Ok? 


The phone is reserved for business. Please, 
no phone calls for chatting, hobby 
questions & answers and general lip- 
flapping. We absolutely do not provide 
technical and hobby support over the 
telephone. Phone calls never come when 
convenient and I can ill afford disruptions 
to my concentration. My time is rigidly 
scheduled for survival and existence. I 
ALWAYS make time to answer electronic 
mail on our BBS so use it. I also 
electronically communicate via FidoNet, 
CompuServe and the InterNet. About the 
best I can do with US Mail 
communications is let my administrative 
department handle it as best they can. Our 
mailbox is flooded with questions on 
everything from resistor color codes to 
hacking the ICOM R-9000. The volume of 
this mail makes it impossible for me to 
answer very many, if any. See our separate 
brochure for more details on telephone and 
correspondence policies. If you have an 
urgent need for assistance, there are ways I 
can help you; just NOT by phone or mail. 


1 wish it were possible to have a list of 
twenty mods for every scanner ever made, 
but it isn't. I can't count the inquiries I've 
had over the last year like, "Do you have 
any mods for my Rattlesnake XR-99 
scanner?" No, I don't. Maybe someday, 
and if so, they'll appear in the "WORLD 
SCANNER REPORT" or maybe in Vol-3 
of my book, when 1 write it. Specific mods 
for specific scanners are in Vols 1 & 2 of 
HANDBOOKS and in the issues of the 

"WSR". With time, the list will grow. 
Some of my mods can be adapted to other 
scanners, but I can't usually take time off to 
write up every gory detail of a mod for less 
popular or outdated scanners. As I develop 
various mods, I will offer suggestions for 
applying the principles to other scanners. 
But since I haven't the time or resources to 
work on every scanner ever made, there's 
no way I can do justice to them all. If you 
ask my help to apply a certain mod to your 
scanner, you & I both will first have to 
have the Service Manual, and then I have 
to have the time. Normally, I will try to 
make the time if doing so will eventually 
benefit others, too. That's the bottom line 
for my being here. For the most part, I have 
to concentrate on scanners which are 
hackable to begin with. Older scanners 
and lower budget models are not highly 
modifiable. They are bare bones and you 
can't draw blood out of turnips. 

I will try to make 
time to offer 
suggestions on how 
to do certain things 
to certain scanners 
but it is essential that 
I have a complete 
legible copy of the 
Service Manual 
before I can give 
personalized guidance. If I don't have the 
Service Manual, (and I have them only for 
some of the more popular, current models), 
then you have to provide me with one. You 
first have to be able to help yourself. This 
all begins with us having the Service 
Manual(s) for your scanner(s). 


The "WSR" isn't a one-way media. I need 
to hear from you, especially about what's 
new. I'm not always the first to catch the 
latest on what's happening or when 
something new comes out. Most publishers 
don’t pay attention to the technology of 
scanners, so lots of ideas, concepts, 
products, mods and other exciting things 
could be new on the tech scene and I may 
not know about them for a time. You 
might know bits, pieces or even chunks of 
stuff about which my ignorance would 
shine. Help me help others by sharing any 
"inside" scoop about new things, especially 
products and mods. A small newsletter 
depends on its "reporter network" and you 
play a strong role in that network. 

One of the best ways we can communicate 
in person, is on my BBS. Just because I 

don’t take telephone calls or answer paper 
mail doesn't mean I left the planet. To the 
contrary, 1 am available more than ever; 
just more efficiently with some new wavs. 

I do see all material of interest submitted by 
Readers and I act on most, even though a 
personal reply is not always possible. 

I use the READER MAIL forum in the 
pages of the “ World Scanner Report ” to 
share with others what you share with me. 

It is in the pages of the WSR where we can 
have some great conversations. Use it! 


A couple of readers have questioned the 
cost of the "WSR". Good. It's more or less 
costly than other rags but there are hidden 
costs to the technology on which we focus. 
You see, our scanner mods and technology 
can't be found in other rags nor on the shelf 
at your local radio store. Writing the WSR 
involves much more than sitting at the 
keyboard for a few 
days. Other news- 
letters require little 
more of their editors 
than basic copy- 
typing. You can't 
imagine the behind- 
the- scenes effort 
required to present a 
simple modification. 
It first has to be conceived; planned: 
developed; built; tested; debugged: 
perfected and then written. Every step is 
costly and the freight has to be paid. But 
think about it; if you do only one mod a 
year to your scanner you'll probably get 
your money's worth. No matter; the 
"WSR" is affordable; it's good, it's rare and 
it’s unique and it will get better without the 
price unnecessarily going up on you. 


always on the lookout for news and info to 
pass along to the scanning community. If 
you have a special interest, expertise, or 
experience level from which others could 
profit, then there may be an opportunity for 
you to launch your writing career for fiin. if 
not profit. The pay is poor (0); the hours 
are what you set; but the intangible rewards 
could make your cup runneth over. Free 
subscriptions and other perks available to 
those who will commit to regular writing. 
Subject matter is wide open; not everything 
has to be a modification! We are conveyors 
& purveyors of information. No one can do 
it all; it takes a team and you are invited to 
participate either full or part time! 

| IQ/V1.1~3:?:- PM| 

September, 1986 

The PRO-2004 launched a revolution! 
It's still a great scanner today!